The Cost of Doing Ministry

The Cost of Doing Ministry

| March 16, 2009

What is the cost of doing ministry?

With belts getting tighter as the economy flops around, there's less money for ministry at many churches.

Does this mean we're limited in the amount or quality of ministry we can do? recently bloggged about the cost of ministry:

"We honestly have to look at the amount of money that is put into new churches across the nation, when men, women, and children are starving worldwide. We admire Francis Chan, and his decision to move from a new building project to an amphitheater and then give the money budgeted for the new building to missions. Why can’t we build community centers or use community centers to Worship God? Why segment and spend millions of dollars to build a church that will turn more people away than attract?"

Maybe that's right, maybe not. But what is the cost of ministry?

It's interesting that our ministry costs so much, in general, while an estimated 400 Million Christians in China seem to have exploded underground with, presumably, a very limited budget. Not to mention the early church, which seemed to do very well without much financing.

How can we decrease the cost of ministry without decreasing the amount and quality of ministry?

Any cost saving ideas?

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