Steps Toward Church Unity

Steps Toward Church Unity

| April 02, 2008

In John 17, Jesus prays that we would be one as He and the Father are one. Many other passages call the Church to unity. Yet, unity seems as unlikely for the Church as Ron Paul is likely to win the Presidency. So it's refreshing/exciting to see attempts at working together made by various members of the body.

One such attempt is ONE PRAYER, a collaborative sermon series being done by the Kings of Kollaboration: The idea is that all the participants will do a 4 week sermon series on "What would you pray for if you had one prayer for the Church that would be answered." The first week you do a sermon on this topic, and the next three weeks you use video sermons from any of the participants (which will be made available on a website). Participants will include: Craig Groeschel, Ed Young Jr., Mark Batterson, Perry Noble, Jentzen Franklin, Steven Furtick, Greg Surrat, Chris Hodges, Dino Rizzo, Stoval Weems, Rick Bezet, Dave Gibbons, and more.

Also, all the churches are going to fast and pray together, and take an offering together to make an impact in a less fortunate country. This is exciting to me! I'm excited that so many independent pastors are working together, and congregants are being exposed to the idea of working together with other churches and Christians, and money from all these churches will be used together to do something good.

Watch the video! - it has 95! comments!

What do you think about this? Will you participate? How do you think we can improve unity in the Church? Do we need to? Why or why not?

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