Nothing Short of an Adventure

Nothing Short of an Adventure

| November 28, 2011

This is a guest blog post from Brandon Boyd, Catalyst World Racer!

The World Race is a unique missions trip that takes young adults into 11 countries in 11 months to serve while living in community. Brandon, our Catalyst Racer, has taken the challenge to abandon his worldly possessions (all except a backpack) and pursuit of the American Dream to experience how God is moving.

Check out his "Month One" blog below and follow him @CatalystRacer to hear first hand, real time accounts of his adventure and what God is doing in the nations through a small group of world changers and a lot of faith.

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My first month on the Race is over. The first break of ELEVEN.

It seems like a year ago that I left the US and at the same time this month has flown by! The first week of ministry was insane as thirteen like-minded-and yet completely different-Racers lived in community together. We lived on a "compound" with twelve-foot concrete walls and razor wire and slept in a three-room school.

My time in Guatemala has shown me that the real treasures here are the children.  We stayed at an orphanage called Los Gozosos. They have created a family environment for handicapped children. While their stories are not for the faint of heart, the kids are amazing and have found a place deep in my heart. They have been through more pain and struggles in their lives than most of us will witness in a lifetime. You can read more about these children here.

Guatemala has been nothing short of an ADVENTURE! It's only been one month and I've already:

+hiked an active volcano
-ridden a tuk-tuk (which is even more dangerous)
+walked through flooded streets in hurricane influenced rain in the dark trying to find the right street to turn on
-experienced a Walmart in a third world country
+rode on an old school bus packed to the brim with people down a hill going entirely too fast
-prayed in English for people that don't understand English
+passed out food in a garbage dump for people that scavenge for a living
-broken curses
+eaten street cart food that I have been told could kill me
-almost gotten run over by a police car
+been accused of stealing a pineapple that I most certainly bought but didn't know how to say that in Spanish
-eaten more frijoles than I knew existed

I've been under more spiritual attacks this month than the rest of my life, yet have seen more VICTORY, BREAKTHROUGH, and GROWTH in this month than I thought possible!

Follow me @CatalystRacer for real time updates about my journey on the World Race to 11 countries in 11 months. (At least as real time as third world internet allows.)


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