6 End of the Week Links

  1. 5 Open Door Slammers by Linda Sasser // Does saying “my door is always open” really mean you are available and approachable? Not exactly. There are five open door slammers we need to be aware of, and they speak much louder than your physical open door.
  2. Fight the Funk by Steven Furtick // It’s inevitable. No matter what line of work you’re in or how much you love it. No matter how good you are at what you do. Sooner or later, you’re going to get into a funk.
  3. 3 Ways Smart Leaders Prepare for the UKNOWN via Michael Hyatt // If we could predict the twists and turns in life, we’d never be confronted with the unknown. But things like cancer, death, or a sudden job loss are often beyond our control—they thrust us into an unknown world with little or no warning.
  4. Avoiding the Deadly Seven via Likeable Media // We’ve all heard of the Seven Deadly Sins. Their imagery pops up everywhere in movies, TV, and literature. Their ideas are also ones to avoid when using social media for your business. Don’t let these sins destroy your social media efforts!
  5. Defending Marriage by Matt Chambers // As I wade through all the hyperbole and swamp of opinions (some more soundly based than others), I can’t help but think the trajectory of the entire conversation never actually intersects with what really impacts or influences my own marriage.
  6. 10 Signs You're an Insecure Leader by Perry Noble // #7 – You dismiss what God is doing in another ministry because it does not line up exactly with where you are theologically.